Prescribing Conservative Solutions for District 123

Tax Reform

Thanks to conservative leadership at the Capitol, Georgia is growing again.  To keep our state #1 for business, we must continue to lower taxes, incentivize growth, and encourage job creation.

Lower taxes to keep Georgia growing

Encourage job creation, business relocation, growth through Tax Reform

Keep Georgia #1 for business


Access to a quality education can dramatically change a child’s future.  We must do everything in our power to enhance the educational opportunities of all students – no matter their zip code or socio economic status.  To create the best outcomes, we must keep education local and allow administrators, teachers, and parents make the decisions – not bureaucrats in Atlanta.

Gun Rights

Our Constitution Right to ‘keep and bear arms’ is under attack.  As a lifetime member of the NRA, I will push back against left-wing gun control advocates and work to protect and expand our gun rights in Georgia.


As a physician, I know that life begins at conception.  I am 100% pro-life and will do everything in my power to defend the rights of the unborn.


As our population grows, so does our need to repair and maintain our roads and bridges.  I support efforts to fund transportation improvement projects throughout the state as long as they are well defined, paid for, and altogether needed to ensure safety or promote commerce.

Religious Freedom

Our religious freedom is under attack.  We must work diligently in the State House to ensure that men and women of faith are allowed to live in accordance to the Bible without fear of persecution or prosecution.